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Manufacturing sheepskin lined garments for the US Government, 1918 (NARA)
Photograph of male and female workers handling and cutting pattern pieces from sheepskins to make mackinaws, jerkins, and coats for the US Government during WWI. Taken at the Wyman Partridge Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota.. Cutting thousands of pelts…

Measuring bolts of woolen cloth meant for the US Government, 1918 (NARA)
2 men work at opposite sides of a long table, measuring cloth. Tied bolts in background.

Sheep bones from Range feud massacre, Wyoming, 1902 (NARA)
Photograph of scattered bones of sheep over pasture land

Photograph, effects of overgrazing by sheep, American West, 1945 (NARA)
Photograph of bare land, grazed to the roots, 1945

Chicago shepherdesses herd sheep along a street to promote sheep clubs during WWI. 1918. (NARA)
Photograph of sheep being driven along a city street by several young women dressed as shepherdesses. Chicago, 1918.

Photograph, Sheep grazing in the High Wallowas on E. Eagle Creek - Orin Hutton sheep (NARA)
Photograph of mountainous landscape with sheep scattered in foreground range with trees rising to mountains beyond.

Conserving wool cartoon, 1941-45, US. By Charles Shows. (NARA)
Soldier and woman in bathing suit walk on the beach. Caption "I'm conserving wool, this bathing suit's painted on."

Connecticut State Council of Defense War Exhibit, Hartford 18 Oct 1918. Conservation of wool and cloth. (NARA)
Photograph of display set up to instruct in ways to conserve wool and other textiles for the war effort. October 1918, Connecticut.

East Providence, RI war activities. Pupils of Hoyt Grammar school knit and sew for the soldiers. Auspices of Red Cross. Acquired 3/1919. (NARA)
Photograph of group of boys and girls knitting and sewing on sewing machines. Red Cross emblem on wall behind. East Providence, RI. Hoyt Grammar school.

Red Cross War Work, WWI, Hackensack, NJ. Wool room. (NARA)
Photograph of counter and room beyond with shelves of wool yarn and finished knitted goods. Sent to War records by Postmaster, Hackensack, 6/6/1919.

American soldiers in hospital, knitting occupational therapy. 1918 (NARA)
Photograph of three soldiers in bed, two knitting with needles and one with another textile tool. Two nurses behind.

Factory view, Fort Schuyler Knitting Co., 1918. Manufacturing woolen underwear for the US Army. (NARA)
Photograph of man and woman surrounded by knitting machines at Fort Schuyler Knitting Co., Utica, NY, 3 Oct 1918. Manufacturing woolen underwear for the Government.

Wool sorting room; Steere Mill, Wanskuck Co., RI. 1918 (NARA)
Photograph of group of men with wool sorting bins in front and mountains of raw wool behind. "Industries of War. Manufacturing woolen cloth for government, Steere Mill, Wansjuck Co. Wool sorting room"

Portland Woolen Mills, Oregon. Making blankets for the US Army, 1918 (NARA)
Photograph of Portland (Oregon) Woolen Mill factory floor showing women sewing hems and perhaps embroidering the letters US on blankets made for the US Army during WWI.

New York University Knitting Course, 1918 (NARA)
Photograph, NYU knitting course, 1918

Roumania: Packing wool, August 1917. German Official Photograph, WWI
Photograph of men and women, possibly under guard, packing sacks with wool. German Official Photograph. August 1917. Wool is for delivery to Germany. Note on card: Bufa 4534. Roumania.

Sailors on the USS Guinevere, 1917 (NARA)
Photograph of group of the crew of the USS Guinever on shipboard, before sailing for France, 1917

Weave room, Garfield NJ plant of Forstmann & Huffman, Oct 1918. Weaving army cloth. (NARA)
Photograph of weave room of the Garfield NJ mill of Forstmann & Huffman Co. Passaic, NJ. No workers visible, looms are stopped but have cloth in place.

Supplies for War Relief, Red Cross Office, US, 1918 (NARA)
Photograph of woman in white headscarf and smock sorting war relief supplies onto shelves, 1918

Sorting wool, American Woolen Mill, Mass. 1912
One of a series of 1912 photographs of the American Woolen Mill operations in 1912. Series owned by NARA and also by NMAH/Textiles. NARA set mounted to small cards, seen here.

Poster, Fight the Moth, UK, 1940 (NARA)
Poster, UK, 1940, exhorting civilians to fight damage to woolen garments and textiles, probably to help conserve wool in wartime

Poster, Shearling for Flyers, USA, WWII (NARA)
Poster exhorting growing of lambs for shearling for flying suits, US, WWII

Skein Winding 1918
Skein winding, woolen mill, 1918
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