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MAAS Sydney


Australian and NZ wool industries.
Global supply of wool for wars from Crimea to Korea


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Ewe Hogget Haddon Rig 1892
Wool sample "Ewe Hogget" 1892
Haddon Rig, Warren NSW.

Ewes Wool Wanganella 1887
Example of merino wool grown by the Peppin Family in the Wanganella Region of NSW. This family worked hard for decades in the mid to late nineteenth century to breed sheep that were able to survive in Outback Australia whilst also growing the long,…

Sheep in yards
Classing sheep in yards

Bales on Bullocks
Bales of wool ready to be transported for manufacturing.
Getting wool to market from all parts of inland Australia where it was produced was never easy, especially before motorized transport

Wool show room, Sydney
Photograph of tables filled with sheep’s fleeces at a wool show room in Sydney, Australia. Wool sales began to move to Australia from England in the later 19th century, when technology such as steam-powered ships and the telegraph enabled more rapid…

Spinning Wool
Spinning wool in factory

Photograph of men and boys (possibly two of them Asian men) washing wool fleece. Australia. Photo numbered 222. Kerry. Sydney

Pressing wool into bales and stencilling the bales, ca. 1900 (MAAS)
Photograph of wool pressing and branding room with three male workers loading wool into bale press and stencilling the bales
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