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Making Shoddy: Women sorting rags, 1942 (Library of Congress)
2 women work in room full of bales and containers of rags, sorting by color and type

Manufacturing US Army Uniforms: Cutting fabric stacks with electric knife, 1942 (Library of Congress)
Workman guides electric knife through stacks of cloth laid out with pattern piece outlines for US Army uniforms

Manufacturing US Army uniforms: Placing & Marking Pattern Pieces. 1942. (Library of Congress)
Male worker bends over cutting table to place pattern pieces and mark the cutting lines of the top layer of cloth for a stack.

Cutting Flag  Stripes, 1918, USA (Library of Congress)
Woman using powered cutting machine to cut stripes of wool bunting for flags

Carting wool bales, New Zealand, 1915 (Library of Congress)
Photograph of wagon loaded with wool bales, pulled by 14 bullocks. Hilly landscape in background, one worker stands at the head of the first team.

California shearer, 1895 (Library of Congress)
Photograph of shearer and single, half shorn sheep in profile, in wooden shed with landscape in background

Photograph of dead soldiers at a snowy crossroads. 1944-45. (Library of Congress)
Two soldiers lie dead at a crossroads, winter villages cape in background, signpost above. Soldier in foreground is barefoot.

Original artwork for poster:  26 Sheep to outfit 1 soldier. US ca. 1941. (Library of Congress)
Poster of soldier firing gun; heading 26 sheep equip and maintain 1 soldier for a year.

Poster, French: Le Bon Feu. Fundraising for civilians, ca.1917 (Library of Congress)
Poster for Le Bon Feu fundraising effort for French civilians suffering from cold and want. Drawing of elderly looking man and woman wrapped in blanket gazing at empty fireplace.

Men signing up for the German Army, German Consulate, NYC, 1914 (Library of Congress)
Room full of men, one signing enlistment (?) papers, at the German Consulate, NYC, 1914.

Serbian men with wool they hid from the Germans during the war, 1919 (Library of Congress)
Photograph of Serbian men posing with sacks of wool they had hidden from the Germans during WWI

Poster: Join a Sheep Club. 1917-18. US (Library of Congress)
Color poster exhorting Americans to join a sheep club to increase wool supplies.

Poster: 20 at home to 1 in the Trenches
Poster for co-operative work on Homefront to support soldiers at the front

Women sorting wool, American Wooden Mills, ca. 1918 (Library of Congress)
American Woolen Mills, Massachusetts, ca. 1918
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