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Julius Forstmann
Photo of Julius Forstmann, 1871-1939. The German-born Forstmann was the owner of Forstmann & Huffman, an important wool manufacturing concern in New Jersey. The company was known for fine fabrics - suit and dress goods.

Boy's suit made from a Union soldier's uniform, ca. 1865
Boy’s Suit with Ribbon, “My Father was a Soldier,” ca. 1865
Wool and silk
Jacket length: 15" (center back); Pants length: 16" (waist to hem)
Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, Georgia

WWII US AAF POW's blanket
Blue wool blanket, stained and worn. Used by US Army Air Corps 2nd Lt. Francis D. "Mack" McCarroll as a POW in LuftStalag III between 1943 and 1945.,

Jason and the Golden Fleece
Greek vase painting, Jason and the Golden Fleece

World Sheep Table 1917
Table: World Sheep Numbers

AnnaMaria von Phul Watercolor
American Indian woman wearing trade blanket

Fabric of War logo
Header or Logo for FOW

Saxony superfine merino wool
sample of Saxony superfine merino

Fleece on the sheep's back
Photograph of sheep's fleece
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