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Photographs (record shots only, not for print publication) of items from group of yarn skeins in Navy grey and Army khaki; and samples of items to be knitted for the armed forces by civilians: balaclava style hat, scarf, mittens, etc.

Blanket in grey plaid wool; The Geelong Returned Soldiers & Sailors Woollen Mills. RETSOL RUGS label with sunrise logo and ram with 'Pure Wool' inscription

WorumboLtr Aug1917.pdf
Letter from Worumbo woolen Co to US National Museum curator F.L. Lewton, August 1917.

Photograph of fine, open weave cloth made in Germany of spun paper yarns during or just after WWI

Photograph in storage of selection of German made spun paper yarn military equipment, acquired as salvage after WWI by the US Army and later donated to the US National Museum

Photograph of swatches of women textiles used by the US Navy in WWII

Photograph of US Army woolen textile swatches from WWII

NMAH_AmWoolCo_190313-003 .tiff
Photograph of men at tables sorting wool, open bale of wool marked Australia in foreground

Image of samples from NMAH Consular collection of spun paper yarns and textiles collected in Plauen, Germany in 1907
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