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Stereo card photograph of sheep at Snake River, Idaho, flat land in foreground, hills in background.

Photograph of wagons and teams loaded with wool in Utah

Stereo card with photograph depicting Montana sheep ranch

Illustration of covered wagon with settlers and livestock moving west. USA, mid 19th C.

Blanket in grey plaid wool; The Geelong Returned Soldiers & Sailors Woollen Mills. RETSOL RUGS label with sunrise logo and ram with 'Pure Wool' inscription

Two soldiers lie dead at a crossroads, winter villages cape in background, signpost above. Soldier in foreground is barefoot.

LOC_26SheepPoster_208-aop-41-43-2013-001_a (1).jpg
Poster of soldier firing gun; heading 26 sheep equip and maintain 1 soldier for a year.

Photograph of women workers at the Dewsbury Depot, sorting used uniforms, etc. for recycling

WorumboLtr Aug1917.pdf
Letter from Worumbo woolen Co to US National Museum curator F.L. Lewton, August 1917.

Poster for Le Bon Feu fundraising effort for French civilians suffering from cold and want. Drawing of elderly looking man and woman wrapped in blanket gazing at empty fireplace.

Room full of men, one signing enlistment (?) papers, at the German Consulate, NYC, 1914.

Color poster exhorting Americans to join a sheep club to increase wool supplies.

Photograph of group of boys and girls knitting and sewing on sewing machines. Red Cross emblem on wall behind. East Providence, RI. Hoyt Grammar school.

Photograph of counter and room beyond with shelves of wool yarn and finished knitted goods. Sent to War records by Postmaster, Hackensack, 6/6/1919.

Photograph of three soldiers in bed, two knitting with needles and one with another textile tool. Two nurses behind.

Photograph of man and woman surrounded by knitting machines at Fort Schuyler Knitting Co., Utica, NY, 3 Oct 1918. Manufacturing woolen underwear for the Government.

Photograph of Portland (Oregon) Woolen Mill factory floor showing women sewing hems and perhaps embroidering the letters US on blankets made for the US Army during WWI.

Photograph, NYU knitting course, 1918

Photograph of group of the crew of the USS Guinever on shipboard, before sailing for France, 1917

Photograph of weave room of the Garfield NJ mill of Forstmann & Huffman Co. Passaic, NJ. No workers visible, looms are stopped but have cloth in place.

Photograph of woman in white headscarf and smock sorting war relief supplies onto shelves, 1918

One of a series of 1912 photographs of the American Woolen Mill operations in 1912. Series owned by NARA and also by NMAH/Textiles. NARA set mounted to small cards, seen here.

Poster, UK, 1940, exhorting civilians to fight damage to woolen garments and textiles, probably to help conserve wool in wartime

Poster exhorting growing of lambs for shearling for flying suits, US, WWII

Photograph of fine, open weave cloth made in Germany of spun paper yarns during or just after WWI

Photograph in storage of selection of German made spun paper yarn military equipment, acquired as salvage after WWI by the US Army and later donated to the US National Museum

Photograph of swatches of women textiles used by the US Navy in WWII

Photograph of US Army woolen textile swatches from WWII

NMAH_AmWoolCo_190313-003 .tiff
Photograph of men at tables sorting wool, open bale of wool marked Australia in foreground

Image of samples from NMAH Consular collection of spun paper yarns and textiles collected in Plauen, Germany in 1907
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